What's in the box?

1 Mini Swivel stand

1 Quick Start Guide

1 Phillips-head screw driver

4 screws

1 Mounting Template

1 Cable Tie


What is not provided?

Clover Mini POS

Get in contact with Clover POS

Optional Kensington MiniSaver Mobile Lock K67890WW

Mini Swivel Compatability

Mini Swivel is compatible with the following Clover devices:

  • Clover Mini POS C300
  • Clover Mini POS C301

1. Press center of Mini Swivel into Clover Mini

You will hear a click when Mini Swivel is attached to Clover Mini

Attach Mini Swivel to Clover Mini

2. Screw Mini Swivel into Clover Mini

Screw both holes that the arrows point to on bottom of Mini Swivel with the provided screwdriver.

Screw Mini Swivel into Clover Mini
  1. Remove films from bottom of Mini Swivel's sticky strips
  2. Place Mini Swivel on your countertop and press down to adhere Mini Swivel to countertop
  3. Wrap Kensington® lock around a column or other secure area
  4. Insert Kensington® lock into Mini Swivel
  5. Turn key to secure Mini Swivel with Kensington® lock.

    Lock Mini Swivel with Kensington Lock
  1. Position your Mini Swivel template where you would like to secure your Mini Swivel.
  2. Tape the sides of the template down
  3. Drill small holes into the surface as shown through the template.
  4. Place Mini on top of template
  5. Screw 1 of the 4 screws through Mini Swivel into your countertop securely
  6. Remove the template from the bottom of Mini Swivel (this requires tearing the paper)
  7. Screw the remaining 3 screws through Mini Swivel into your countertop securely
    Screw Mini Swivel into Countertop