Your Mini, for both you and your customers

Start the order, add items, and with one hand turn Clover Mini around so your customer can pay on the beautiful display.

Clover Mini attached to Swivel

Beautifully White. Aesthetically Efficient

Mini Swivel is designed to be just as gorgeous as your Clover Mini. Made with the same soft reflective white polycarbonate and aluminum materials that make Clover Mini beautiful for your business and your customers.

Patent-Pending Swivel Technology

Mini Swivel is designed to snap into place for you and your customer, yet still be easy enough to turn with one hand. 180º clockwise or counter-clockwise, Mini Swivel always glides into place.

Mini Swivel - Wireframe
Mini Swivel - Kensington Lock

Security without sacrificing style

Whether you prefer to screw your Mini into your countertop, or secure it to another object with a Kensington® lock, Mini Swivel keeps your Point of Sale safe.